This is the website of Lisa Downing, author, academic, and cultural critic.

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“This is a startling, trenchant, and original book. It is written with clarity and passion. It shakes up Feminism today in productive and sometimes disturbing ways. Downing’s critical brilliance, command of the material, and uncompromising approach are dazzling.”
Emma Wilson, University of Cambridge

“This is a book that will challenge conventional views of feminism, and of various women who have made a significant impact on modern culture and politics. It … and is written in a crisp, accessible style that will invite readers from all ends of the ideological spectrum to re-evaluate their own perspectives.”
Chris Matthew Sciabarra, New York University

“[this book] is going to be a ‘game-changer’ in feminist thinking… The author’s critical readings of images and discourses … are razor-sharp and full of insight on how Western societies construct a toxic mix of praise and misogyny towards ‘exceptional’ ‘selfish’ women.”
Katharine Mitchell, University of Strathclyde