‘Selfish Women’ Scottish Tour

In October 2015, Lisa took material from the book she is currently writing – tentatively titled Selfish Women – north of the border, giving talks at four Scottish universities: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen.

The book examines the ways in which the concept of selfishness is a gendered one in the modern period. It examines debates concerning whether, in an age of unfettered neo-liberalism, it may be time to abandon the idea of the individual self, as argued by some critics of capitalism and of our atomized societies. In asking such questions, however, the book concerns itself with the possible repercussions of such a move for those occupying non-male, non-white, non-hegemonic subject positions.

Speaking at the University of Dundee on “Selfish Cinema: Adaptations of Ayn Rand for the Screen”.

Speaking at the University of Aberdeen on “Selfishness and Feminist Philosophy”.


Lisa on ‘Thinking Allowed’ on Radio 4

On WednScreen Shot 2015-10-10 at 16.46.21esday 7th October, Lisa appeared on Laurie Taylor’s popular BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Thinking Allowed’ in a section about female serial killers. She was in discussion with criminologist Dr Elizabeth Yardley who has a new book out on making sense of women who commit serial murder.

You can listen to the programme on the BBC iPlayer here. (Section on murder begins at about 16:30 minutes in.)


Selfish Women and Other Inconvenient Deviants

Lisa is currently working on a new research project about selfishness and gender. She is focusing on the cultural meanings ascribed to female figures who espouse a philosophy of selfishness, including the French Decadent writer Rachilde, the American prophet of capitalism Ayn Rand, and the late British Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

In November 2014, Lisa delivered her inaugural lecture (a professor’s public address to her academic community and interested others) at the University of Birmingham on this topic.
You can watch Lisa’s inaugural lecture on YouTube here.

An article about the lecture appeared in the Times Higher Education here.

Lisa intends to develop the project presented in her lecture into a book during her 2 semesters of research leave in the academic year 2015-16.


Fuckology: Published and in the world.

Copies of Lisa’s new book, Fuckology: Critical Essays on John Money’s Diagnostic Concepts, co-authored with Iain Morland and Nikki Sullivan, arrived hot off the press at her office in Birmingham today.

You can get your hands on a copy too.

Order the book in hardback, paperback, or ebook format on the University of Chicago Press’s page here.
Read a sample on Google Books here.

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