After Foucault – Published!

Lisa’s edited book After Foucault: Culture, Theory and Criticism in the 21st Century is now in the world. It is one of the first titles to appear in Cambridge University Press’s new “After..”. series, which charts the legacy of key thinkers for the present day.

In the book, a number of world-leading and emerging Foucault scholars examine the thinker’s ongoing relevance for fields such as literature, critical race studies, queer theory, and ecology. They explore how Foucault offers unique and enduring insights for understanding concepts as broad as subjectivity, neoliberalism, sex, and ethics.

Lisa’s chapter examines the popular genre of true crime in light of Foucault’s writing on the figure of the criminal. Lisa examines how the methodology Foucault describes in I Pierre Rivière…(1976), which considers murder cases as anthropological dossiers about the mores of their time, has not been widely taken up. She proposes a reading of texts documenting the Moors Murders case, published from the 1960s to the present day, as examples of a Foucauldian murder dossier.